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Prevent painful encounters with snakes!


Spring and summer not only bring back warm weather but also possible pet dangers, such as snakes. Snakes will start to come out of hibernation around this time and will be a great risk to your pets. A snake bite can be fatal to your furry friend if not treated immediately. A bite from a non-venomous snake can be dangerous for your pets as well.


Contact your local veterinarian office if your pet has been bitten by a snake. If your vet is not open and you have concerns for their health; bring them to us for treatment and care.

Springtime and summer weather is nice to look forward to but sometimes not great for pets! When traveling, never leave your pet unattended in a parked car for any period of time. Even with windows cracked the internal temperature inside of your car can reach 120F in minutes! Your pet is at a high risk of suffocating or dying of heat stroke in those high temperatures.


If your pet is exposed to high temperatures, try to lower his or her body temperature slowly over 30 minutes. Try to locate a shaded area. Take your pet directly to your veterinarian for possible heat stroke care. If your vet is not available, we're glad to treat your pet whenever it is in need.


Don’t allow your pet to suffer in the heat!

Avoid pet emergencies this summer!