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Professionals testing a pet

Providing your pet the best possible emergency care

Comprehensive emergency services for your pet

• Blood work

• Continual monitoring of your pets

• ECG and other monitoring equipment

• Examinations

• Exceptional technicians

• Hospitalization

We offer a flat emergency fee of only $88.00. This charge includes the initial exam and consultation with a doctor. Our fully trained doctors will provide a comprehensive exam to determine the best possible treatment options for your furry friend and discuss all treatment options with you as well as provide you a complete estimate of services.

Flat emergency fee of only $88.00.

You don't need an appointment with us.

Your dog or cat’s health and treatment are our top concern when you bring them to us at Clay Duval Pet Emergency Clinic. We never require an appointment as emergencies can happen at any moment.


If you do have a moment to call us in advance to let us know you are bringing your pet in, it will help us prepare for your pets arrival and future care. This will allow us to streamline the check in process and start caring for your pet quickly and efficiently.

• Intensive care

• Laboratory testing

• Oxygen therapy

• Radiographs

• Radiology

• Surgery

Personalized exams

When you bring your pet to us, we will provide a comprehensive exam. This will allow our veterinarian to formulate a treatment plan and an estimate if needed for your pets' care. We will also discuss with you all of your treatment options in case you are not able to afford the best treatment our doctors recommend for your pet. We also encourage you to ask

us your questions concerning your pets' treatment.

All-inclusive hospitalization

Your pet will be in the best possible care with our clean and well monitored facility. Any patient requiring a surgery or hospitalization will be supervised by a caring and fully trained staff member to assure that all medications, treatments, and monitoring is in place at all times.


We also gladly let you visit your pet as long as it doesn't interfere with the pet's medical treatments and all other emergencies are under control. Please call ahead in order to ensure that we are not busy.

Radiology consults available  

If you pet requires an x-ray, we have the equipment right here at our facility to handle all of your pets' needs. If an x-ray is needed for a diagnosis, we have the equipment and expertise to take, process, and evaluate your pets' x-rays within minutes. We also have the ability to send x-rays off to radiologists if further consultations are needed for treatment or diagnosis.

On-site laboratory services

• Blood work

• Canine Parvo virus

• Chemistry and electrolyte profiles

• Electrocardiography diagnostics

• Fecal analysis for intestinal parasites

• Feline immunodeficiency testing

• Feline leukemia testing

• Heartworm disease

• Pulse oximetry diagnostics

Looking for more information on your pets' condition?

Here at Clay Duval Pet Emergency Clinic we want to make sure that you have all of the information you may need to understand and care for your pets' condition. We are placing a link here for your convenience to Veterinary Partner. You can research many pet conditions here, such as health, medications, therapies, surgery, behavior, or even your pets' safety. Check out our seasonal information and toxic substances too.

Click here to check out Veterinary Partner for your informational needs

Medical euthanasia services are available

We understand that losing your pet is the same as losing a family member.  We will make every attempt possible to extend the life of your furry family member. If your pet is suffering, we do offer euthanasia services for medical reasons only. We will not euthanize for convenience reasons under any circumstances. We also work in conjunction with a local crematory if you want to preserve your pets' ashes.