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Some common toxic substances for pets

• Antifreeze or car fluids

• Chocolate

• Grapes and raisins

• Sago palms

• Tylenol or other medications

Dogs are known to chew on plants. Sometimes they ingest plants that are toxic to them. Sago palm is a common plant that is highly toxic to animals. If your pet ingests sago palm leaves, seek immediate care as severe damage to the liver or even death may occur.

Sago palms are poison to your pet!

The main ingredient in most antifreeze brands, ethylene glycol, has an inviting aroma and a sweet flavor. If you feel that your pet was exposed to antifreeze, seek immediate veterinary care. The first few hours are critical for saving a pet's life and most pets can make a successful recovery. The longer your pet remains untreated the less likely they are to survive.

Antifreeze is sweet but deadly

Here at Clay Duval Pet Emergency Clinic we want you to have as much information as possible concerning pet poisoning. Below are some poison control hotline numbers that are available for assistance when your pet needs poison consultation.

Important poison control hotlines and information for you

Animal Poison Control (provided by ASPCA) - 800-548-2423

**$65.00 consult fee for assistance

Pet Poison Helpline - 800-213-6680

**$39.00 consult fee for assistance

Home Again Poison Control - 888-Home-again (888-466-3242)

**FREE if your pet has home again micro chipping

Help your pet avoid toxic substances!

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